Created on the High Instructions of His Majesty the King Mohammed VI, may God assist him, in 2006, the Royal Moroccan Polo Federation is part of the vision of His Majesty the King for the revival of this discipline. It is responsible for developing the practice of polo in the Kingdom and contribute to its influence.


On the legal level, the fundamental foundations of the Royal Moroccan Polo Federation were consolidated by the approval of the Ministry of supervision of its new statutes voted during the General Assembly held in Rabat, March 2, 2022, by decree No. 21.3886 of 11 Jumada I 1443 (16-12-2021) – BO No. 7080 of 5 Ramadan 1443 (7-4-2022) published in the Official Bulletin No. 7080 of 7 April 2022.


Among the first Arab and African federations recognized by the International Federation of Polo (FIP) since 2006, the R.F.P.M. works to implement the High Royal Orientations by multiplying the number of clubs affiliated to it, building sports infrastructures and organizing national and international meetings in order to ensure the promotion and popularization of the practice of this sport.


To date, the Royal Moroccan Polo Federation has five polo clubs to its credit, namely:


  • The Royal Guard (Rabat) ;
  • The Cavalry of the F.A.R (Témara) ;
  • The PGH Palmeraie Polo Club (Larache) ;
  • Jnan Ammar (Marrakech) ;
  • Agafay Polo Club (Marrakech).



Promoting polo and making it accessible to all


Developing practice and infrastructures


Organizing events and competitions


Teaching and initiating the practice