Salon Du Cheval 2022: The Royal Guard, Major Player In The Development Of Polo In Morocco

As a major player in the development of Polo in Morocco, the Royal Guard actively contributes to the influence of this sport, by providing the Royal Moroccan Polo Federation and its affiliated clubs with all the infrastructure and all the human and material means at its disposal. To this end, it dedicates a whole part of its activities to the influence of this sport both at the national and international levels.

Introduced in Morocco at the beginning of the 20th century, Polo is a collective equestrian sport which illustrates not only the harmony between the rider and his mount, but also the cohesion between the whole team.

In this sense, Captain Abdallah Khal highlighted the dedication and sense of responsibility shown by the Royal Guard, in accordance with the High Instructions of HM King Mohammed VI, to promote the practice of Polo in Morocco, in line with other equestrian sports. In a statement to the press, on the sidelines of the Salon du Cheval d’El Jadida, he said that in accordance with the High Royal Directions, the Royal Guard works to develop the various equestrian sports, noting that like show jumping, dressage, endurance, among others, the Royal Guard is working to create the right conditions for the development and influence of Polo in the four corners of the Kingdom.

He noted that the Royal Guard continues to promote equestrian sports, including through the construction and redevelopment of various facilities and infrastructure to international standards, allowing the organization of national and international events of scale.

Polo in the Royal Guard has always been synonymous with discipline, commitment and self-sacrifice. For this reason, the Unit is implementing all the necessary means to train human resources in line with the expected results.

Thanks to this investment, the Royal Guard has been able to acquire important experience which is clearly illustrated by the level of the tournaments and events it organizes and the convincing results of its team, which testifies to the seriousness and efforts made to promote Polo in Morocco.
These efforts were crowned during the 1st edition of the Throne Cup of Polo, perfectly organized, and which was won by the team of the Royal Guard thanks to a very good technical level.

Polo is played on a 275 meter long and 145 meter wide field with goals at each end of the field. The distance between the two goal posts is 7.5 meters. The ball is made of wood, measures 8.5 cm in diameter and weighs approximately 130 g. Each team consists of four players numbered from 1 to 4. This sport is essentially based on strategy, concentration, fighting spirit and team spirit.